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The RedAlert Crew

The Story...


Red Alert's been around since 2000. In that time riders have come and gone, owners have changed, and the park has gone through a bunch of redesign. The past is the past though. And most of us only have a foggy memory of a few days ago anyways, but the future of Red Alert is here! 2016 marks the newest chapter for Red Alert. With the shop briefly going under, we've gone under new ownership and are back in the old park! We've been renovationg recently, and now we have a brand new shop space, all which is back on 6 Grove St. Dover, NH. The success of Red Alert relies on our tight community of skaters and supporters who continually refuse to give into to the corporate skate mongrels, and who want a genuine place to go. If you're looking for the real deal, you found it! Red Alert Skate Shop and Indoor Spot.

UPDATE* As of September 2nd 2017 Red Alert will be venturing into the unknown as we pack our bags and traverse across the seacoast to our neighboring town of Rochester NH! It's been a long-time coming in a sense, as Dover has become increasingly more expensive to operate in and with cost of commercial space at an all time high, we had to set sail for greater pastures! While we are bummed that we have to leave our roots behind, sometimes you have to step up to a new challenge to better yourself and to expand your horizons! 54 Allen St. Suite 2, Rochester NH is the new home to Red Alert, and boy, is she gonna be a good one!


The Team...

Red Alert boasts a solid team of riders who's soul mission is to destroy the streets and leave no evidence left behind! Keep an eye out for these guys. You can usually find them skating and filming in the neighboring towns, Dover Rotary Skate Park, and usually bummin' around here at Red Alert.

Red Alert Skateshop


Boss Man

Red Alert Skateshop

Garret Couture

Red Alert Skateshop

Taylor Perron


Josh Littlefield



Jon Smith - Shred in Peace Brotha!!


Chris Rydel



Bryce Grenier


Ethan Rigoli

Ethan Ragioli



Max Gutowski



Crince - Team Manager


Red Alert Skateshop

Nick Lajoie


Dylan Rosa

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