January 01, 2020

Make sure you have a waiver signed by your parents if you are under the age of 18! Everyone must a sign a waiver (only once) and we will store it on file. CLICK THE "WAIVER" BUTTON BELOW TO HAVE THE DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD! 


February 23, 2023

Sign up for our best deal with a year long membership! $120 grants you a year round pass to our indoor skatepark starting from your day of purchase, lasting 365 days. Memberships give you access to member's rates, so you can skate the park at a discount all year long! ($5 as opposed to $10 etc.)

Boards for Brains!

January 01, 2020

Boards for Brains is a school sponsored program that rewards students who keep a minimum of a 3.0 GPA throughout the school year. Students who carry good grades and present their valid report cards to Red Alert will receive products to help encourage them to stay focused on their education while at the same time enjoying skateboarding throughout the winter months! The following requirements must be met:

- Must be 17 years or younger
- Must be a member of Red Alert Skateshop (purchase a membership for the year). 
- Must be fully enrolled in a public or private school

Seasonal Sessions!`

January 01, 2020

New to Red Alert are our Seasonal Sessions! How does it work? We will now be splitting our session prices into 2 seasons: Winter and Summer. Summer sessions will take place between June 21st through September 21st and Winter sessions will take place between September 21st through June 21st. 

What does this mean? Prices and Memberships will change based on the season. If you are a Non-member the price to skate the park for the day will be $5! If you are a Member then the price to skate in the summer is FREE! Winter sessions will cost $10 dollars for Non-members and $5 dollars for Members. 

Can I buy a seasonal membership? Yep! Seasonal memberships will cost 75$ dollars and will expire at the end of the selected season. You can also buy a yearly membership which will allow for prices on both seasons!

Park Rentals

February 23, 2023

Tired of getting snaked? Sick of having to share the ramps with unworthy foes? Well we have a solution, just rent the park! Perfect for birthday parties, celebrations, or any other event that should be celebrated with some good private skating. We're here to assist so just call and let us know and we can make it happen!


Rental Rates:


Weekdays (M-F) 3 hour rental - 250$

Weekend (Sat. - Sun.) 3 hour rental - 300$

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Winter Hours / Rates:
Sep 21 - June 21

M - Thu      Noon - 8pm

Fri - Sat     Noon - 9pm

Sunday      Noon - 8pm

Bad Dad: Free!
Members: $5 per session

Non-Members: $10 per session


M - F      Noon- 8pm

SAT       12pm - 8pm

SUN       12pm - 7pm

Summer Sessions:

June 21 - Sep 21
Members Free!

Non-Members $10

Membership Rates:

Seasonal Pass: 100$
Summer Season: June 21 - Sep 21
Winter Season: Sep 21 - June 21

Membership: $150 each
Bad Dad Membership: $250 each



Group Lesson Rates:

Per Lesson: $20


5:30pm - 6:30pm


Individual Skate Lessons:

Per Lesson: $20

Call ahead to book 603-948-1173


All lessons are 1 hour and can be scheduled day of or in advance.

If you call the day of, we request you give a minimum 2 hours notice of when you'd like to arrive.

*Note all lessons come with a full day pass


Park Rental Rates:
Weekdays 3 hour rental: $250

Weekend 3 hour rental: $300


IMPORTANT!!! We require 1 weeks notice to rent the park. Half the rental amount is due when you reserve the spot and is non-refundable. The other half is due the day you come.


54 Allen St., Rochester NH 03867


Give us a call! 603-948-1173 

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