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Contest Details

The Contest will run throughout the month of February (1st - 28th). Contestants will be judged on the following: Style, Creativity, Technicality, Flow, and Overall Park Use.

There will be 1 main Category and 4 Subcategories:

  • Main Entry - $500 Prize

  • Most Stylish - Prize Box

  • Most Creative - Prize Box

  • Most Technical - Prize Box

  • People's Choice - Special Prize (Secret)

Rules and Entry

To enter you will need to film a 30-60 second edit in the park. It does not need to be a single run, it can be edited together. You can use the entire month to film. Below are the requirements.

  • Must be footage ONLY from Red Alert

  • Cannot use OLD footage. We will check for indicators to know if it's old footy.

  • 30 - 60 seconds only

  • Skateboarding only

  • Phone Edits are Good! No need for a Fancy Camera!

  • All Ages 

  • Music is Optional, up to you, get creative

  • Submit your entry by either DM'ing the shop (@redalertskateshop) or email


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